We did our homework, and looked into over dozen lease programs, until we found the ones that most benefit you, the homeowner. 

California Green Designs is very excited be partnered up with innovative lease programs, designed to accelerate the widespread adoption of Solar PV Systems. These leases allow the homeowners to protect themselves against future electricity rate hikes. The financial benefit of leasing solar systems is its tremendous affordability, thus removing the major obstacle faced by homeowners in their decision to adopt solar.

Pay as little as $0 Down for a
Solar Lease Program, & monthly payments
less than your current electric bill

With these leases, the combined cost of the lease payment and new electric bill would be substantially less than what a homeowner without solar pays currently.


One of our partners is SunEdison - an owner and operator of solar energy power plants. They aim to make solar pv systems affordable and accessible to most homeowners.  A solar lease is the ideal way for homeowners to adopt solar pv technology, without an up-front capital investment.

The leases are a turn key solution that includes bumper to bumper warranty and system performance assurance. Simple monthly payments include everything: product, installation, warranty, monitoring. So let California Green Designs help you take advantage of these great lease programs.

If you’re paying more than
$100 per month for electricity, call us!

Solar energy is a proven, reliable energy source that is saving money for many smart homeowners today. And as the cost of electricity increases, homeowners will be satisfied knowing that their electricity costs are locked in over the term of the lease, and the savings start immediately. There is no pay-off period during which homeowners recover their initial investment. Since solar is a major equipment purchase, leasing it makes sense. For this reason, leasing is the method used by most businesses for major equipment purchases.

A solar lease maximizes cash flow for the homeowner by spreading payments over long term. During the lease, and at its end, the homeowner has the option to purchase the system which is a great idea as investment in principal residence has been a longstanding good investment. If the homeowner decides to sell the home, the lease is transferrable to the new buyer.

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